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training troubles

hi everyone

im quite new to Aikido having done around 18 months and reached 5th Kyu.

At my local club there has been a change which i am having trouble getting to grips with. A student has returned to the Dojo who happend to be the sensei's best friend. This usually would not matter but the chap in question applies strength over technique, forcing uke into position rather than allowing you to gett he hang of anything, which is frustrating and counterproductive in my opinion (but i am new)

unfortunately he manages to get away with this almost every time as the sensei is so happy that he's come back and doesnt want him to leave again.

Overcoming My frustration is now becoming the biggest part of the lesson and whereas before i could be at peace knowing ive tried my best and that i was making progress.

now my peace of mind is disappearing during lesson and whereas im not feeling intimidated i feel that this is what the other student is trying to do.

Should i try a new club? is there a lesson in this somewhere that im missing? do you have any advice with dealing with a unhelpful aggressive Uke?

thanks in advance
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