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Re: "Aikido instructor shared skills with soldiers, Steven Seagal"

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I was thinking of the italics part, about crushing the bucket (sorry it is a weird way to do the reference-- I just had this memory of all these tough guys training together at the Iwama dojo, and that story came to mind, from back in my memory)
I thought it was a story of training days in Iwama. My point was I'd always thought of a group of adults in Iwama, didn't know about the kids stuff.
That story comes from David Alexander Sensei's Iwama Monogatari, which features Isoyama Shihan. Inagaki Shihan also started at 12 under Osensei and the entry age for the dojo remains 12 (or junior high school age) to this day, although there is now a "Sports Shonendan" for elementary-age students in Iwama Budokan. In any case, as was pointed out, Morihiro Saito Sensei started training under the founder at 18 and the founder lived in Iwama for a long time, so there were plenty of adults and even women in his classes. I think people trained hard, but the founder made sure it was in the spirit of Aiki.

From the Iwama Monogatari:

What To Do With Your Free Time
I bumped into Isoyama-sensei on a train one day when I was returning to Iwama from Tokyo. We talked about a bunch of things. One that is especially memorable was his advice on how to use free time.
He advised that if you are totally exhausted from training, and have a little free time, don't waste it resting, use it for more training.
And people wonder why he's so formidable?
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