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Re: Physical Tension - Another Thought

Hi Mark-
I have been thinking how to articulate something since I first read your post. Question for you, or anybody: what do you think about the idea that there are 2 things being described here, not one, regarding relaxing and "spreading tension" out away from local spots?
These 2 things would be things that in normal people are so intimately linked, in function and in sensation, that they are mistaken for one thing.

Here's what I mean: muscle flexion is one of the 2 things. You turn it up or down with your brain, with the commands "flex" and "relax." The other thing is modulated by a different command-- one we often refer to as "intent." So that second thing is not muscular activity, but "ki." Using intent, the activity of ki can be spread across the body, connecting distant parts.

So in this model, your post described down-regulating muscular tension while up-regulating ki connection. There is a "Relax" component (a command to the muscles) and a "directional spread" component (a command to the ki).
If you do the 2 things together it would amount to a feeling like you describe-- dissolving away local muscle tension by spreading the load gently. It's relaxing with directional intent.

Anyway the point would be that there are kinds of training that aim to disentangle 2 things that are very tightly linked in untrained bodies, to the degree that we don't normally see that they are 2 things. The point of such training would then be-- when we learn to separate the 2 things, can one of them do something special when we learn to use it more by itself, something that couldn't really be done when they were linked?

Anxious to hear what people think.
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