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Re: The hand change on nikkyo ura is kicking my a.....

Tim Evans wrote: View Post
As a shomem strike comes off the left arm I step in just like ikkyo ura as I tenkan around I bring his arm low switch hands to nikkyo then heres the problem as I bring it up to my clavicle I,m having trouble applying nikkyo if this explains my dilemma sensei has shown me many times I just can,t get it.
Hi Tim,
Just a follow up to my last comment. Nikkyo has variations .The way Ukes responds can determine the type of Nikkyo you apply.If the elbow of the Uke that is being attacked is down/raised Nikkyo applied varies.If Uke is taller /shorter again this height differential also determines how you apply Nikkyo.For example a short guy would find difficulty applying nikkyo on a much bigger guy if tori tried to make the application using forearm method.
While some people do ura waza ikkyo [in Shomen Uchi] as a lead into nikkyo , this is not always necessary.The method I tried to explain earlier allows Tori to apply nikkyo faster and has less overall body movement .Focus on the immediate control of Ukes wrist is of primary importance here as is blending with Tori's attack.
If you send me your email address if I get a moment I will send you a vid clip illustrating this waza.
Cheers, Joe.
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