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John Cornish retires after 52 years of aikido

Posted 2010-03-03 11:28:58 by James Wyatt

John Cornish has decided to retire and his last lesson will be at the Budokwai on Friday 19th March.

As ever all are welcome to come and practice. We would particularly like to invite everyone whom knows Cornish Sensei and has received his wisdom and humour over the years.

Some of his more memorable comments:
If a train is coming what do you do...get out of the way
Fingers are for gripping...
If you have two legs move two legs and if you have three move three
You can never be low enough

John Cornish originally started with boxing and judo around 1950 and became a student of Trevor Leggett and went to the Kodokan and Hombu dojo in early 1958 (at the same time as Chiba Sensei). He took daily practice with Osawa Sensei as well as lessons from Tohei Sensei, Waka Sensei and O'Sensei whom graded him. In Judo he is renowned for his technical knowledge with particular emphasis on judo kata with him being one of the few westerners to hold the licence to teach and examine in all the katas.


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