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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

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I noticed as a smoker my neck muscles and my solar plexus area got rather tight or otherwise seemed to be over-used. I wonder at how that might affect the ability to respond properly with aiki.
Any thoughts on how the smoking aspect might apply to breath power? I presume it would apply negatively.
In general terms I believe we're trying to develop a somewhat yang body state (expansive, etc. correct?). If pot is very yin, I can see how that might make it less useful to this aim.
...just off the top of my head. Anyone with a deeper yin/yang, etc. understanding care to add to or correct anything?
I'm not sure what smoking can do to your nage, but I know what it can do to your uke.
Smoking causes a host of tissue issues in the circulatory system, as well as the muscular system. It lowers red blood cell production, your macrophages lower, and increases micro-vascular occlusion and tissue ischemia. Platelets in the tissues can also become hyper-adhesive, and inflexible. (most of these issues are caused by increase of carbon in the system, so weed is in trouble too here. )

All in all, if you take a bad fall on your shoulder, or get twisted up on a projection, it will take a smoker almost 4times longer to heal those injuries. A statistic that grows after the age of 30 dramatically.


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