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Re: "British Aikido - Full Circle" by Henry Ellis

London. The start of Tomiki Aikido with Sensei John Cornish.

Henry Ellis

Actually John Cornish is aikikai and in his words "once aikikai always aikikai" as he was graded by O'Sensei. He was taught by Tomiki Sensei at the Kodokan and instructed in the judo katas and later wrote a book with their permission on Goshin Ju Jutsu.

Watanabe Sensei popped into the Budokwai recently to visit old friends (John Cornish and Tony Sweeney) and give a lesson.

I will create a new post, but John Cornish has just announced his imminent retirement having started boxing and judo under the late great Trevor Leggett around 1950-52.

All the best

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