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Re: "British Aikido - Full Circle" by Henry Ellis

Dear Henry,
I do appreciate your kind gesture.The photos of Gerry Mc Enroe and my ex Judo colleagues bring back memories of time spent with Abbe Sensei.He was a remarkable Judoka/Budoka.Around about the time the aforementioned pics were taken Abbe Sensei conducted a show in the St.Mungos Hall, in Gllasgow.Abbe Sensei lined up a group of Judoka [some big guys ] and flipped over without breaking sweat ii minutes.I think he bounced each man with a different technique.Abbe Sensei was very fluid in his movement, no jigotai [defense ] posture for him.Only man I ever thought was fluid like Abbe Sensei was Kisaburo Watanabe Sensei, , Asia Games champion in the early sixties.He was /is a delight to observe.I believe he is still alive .Watanabe Senseis Tai Otoshi /Tai otoshi renraku waza were wonderful to see.
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