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Re: hakama use

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You have a kilt!?! I was very saddened because when I went to Ireland for my honeymoon I expected to see someone wearing a kilt (even if it was a kid) and no kilt in sight! You should have a photo of you in your kilt as your profile pic!
I think you have them mixed up with the Scots....I have many friends in Ireland and I don't think, although the Irish did wear kilts, that it is deemed traditional dress! My old manager from Edinburgh....Now he loves any opportunity to put on the kilt and sporran and sgian dubh.

As for the hakama, I can't see where it becomes a hindrance. We wear them in our dojo as soon as we want to buy one and I feel personally that they help with the foot work. Yes they can trip you up but after a few times of picking yourself up and feeling silly, you learn to adapt, slide more than step.....And they look the part
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