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Re: "British Aikido - Full Circle" by Henry Ellis

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Hello again, Joe,

As for the splits within British Aikido, you should see the situation in Japan. Even in Hiroshima City alone, there are four different organizations affiliated to the Aikikai, plus all the others related to Yoshinkan, Ki Society etc. People think of aikido as harmony etc, but when you read the life of O Sensei and his teachers, you realize that it was never like that.

How are you spending your retirement? As you have gathered, I am writing history, but there is one other project that I am actively planning. This is an aikido murder thriller, on the lines of the Name of the Rose. Imagine the scene. A major residential training course, with Doshu and other high-ranking senseis. And then gruesomely murdered corpses are found in various locations and popular suspicion is leveled at some visitors from MMA, who really think that aikido is useless as a martial art anyway, because the attacks are not realistic enough. The problem is that the murders all follow a pattern, which would be completely unknown to MMA people unless they had read O Sensei's discourses etc etc etc. (Well, if Dan Brown can do it, so can I. )

Best wishes,

Dear Peter,
I guess harmony can be translated into 'Lets jumpm this ship and start up our own little sideshow.Ill be Chief Instructor , you be Chief bottle washer.
As far as your novel is concerned if you use characters loosely based on some guys I know I could foresee a situation where the murdered guys were despatched to Nirvana in excruciating, long lingering deaths.May I suggest cyanide, dismemberment with blunt katana, and being forcibly killed by the wonderful practice of tying one;s knees together circa 1977.
Should this Dan Brown type novel sell in millions and in turn becomes a vehicle for Tom Hanks I am willing to forgo any royalties for my contribution to the story, as long as I have the pleasure of being the killer.As I am retired I can brush down my slightly tatty Butler outfit and enter rehearsals at a moments notice.
As possible co producer of said movie I will of course advise on casting.This should not cost you anything in fees since the actors /preferably real ,would in truth meet a grisly end thus saving millions.
This is perhaps wishful thinking on my part???
Cheers, Joe.
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