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Re: "British Aikido - Full Circle" by Henry Ellis

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Sorry for the double post at 16 & 17 , my post did not show, so I tried again and appeared to fail again. Now this morning I see I have two similar posts. :-(
Hi Peter, I do wonder if we met when I was with Chiba Sensei at both Fulham and Earlscourt..? I remember Kanetsuka Sensei when he first arrived there.
Hi Joe, good to see you getting the hang of your `new computer `

Henry Ellis
Hi Henry,
Its not getting to know the new computer[Apple Mac for the techie minded] its getting used to writing joined up lettering.Your article certainly has stimulated thoughts.With so many guys being mentioned in despatches the list will be like the cast of Ben Hur.
Maybe we should all have got a tattoo of the date of starting Aikido [like eggs in a shop]?That way you wouldnt have to 'prove '
your pedigree.For myself I was a member of the Renown before it disbanded, and visited the Hut .I remember having a 'Friendly encounter ' with Hamish Mc farland.
Its good to read about the old guys.Some still owe me a beer.
Another couple of gents worthy of a mention are the Beecham brothers and Glenn Smith.If your out therein the ether Glenn hope you are well.Henry , it was good to have our little chat the other day.
Your old pal, Joe.
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