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Re: "British Aikido - Full Circle" by Henry Ellis

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Yes, I second Philip's mail.

I believe Michael took my place as IAF General Secretary for a time (when he was still 1st kyu), but this cannot have been before 1980. I remember Michael Holloway, 'the Greeks', Margaret Hughes, Bob Lincoln, at Chiba Sensei's dojo in Chiswick. This would have been in the very late 1960s or early 70s. Minoru Kanetsuka was 3rd dan.

I also remember Aidan Smyth at the Budokwai, and another, older, student whose name I cannot recall. He wore glasses and drove a car with a distinctive number plate. I think it was 9F.

I have good memories of training with Gordon Jones and Peter Brady (and a few others) in the West Midlands from 1975. Eric Beake and the other Eric (also a taxi-driver and known as Eric the Taxi-Driver), Dee, Philip, Stuart Broughton, John Ferris, and Hephzibah Davies Evans also come to mind from the Tenpukan Dojo in Earls Court, where I used to train with Birger Sorensen from Norway. Does anyone remember Pita Smith, a lady who was a good friend and supporter of Chiba Sensei when he first came to the UK?

Of course this is well after the very early days, involving Nakazono Mutsuru and Kobayashi Hirokazu, which I think Mr Ellis has in mind.

Best wishes,

Mary Lou Watters [now in Quebec] , Murray &Sheila Walker,Andreas Teofanis, George Stavros , Margaret Suissman, Allan Burke, were in London as well.
In Liverpool Graham Morris [now in Oz] was knocking around.Bob Spence , Tom Moss were probably on the scene as well.
As I am now 71 and the memory cells are fading by the minute I just remember the old guys.
I have always thought the 60s /70s were the Golden Years of British Aikido.So many great Instructors visited the U.K.
Tamura, Sekiya, Saito, Yamaguchi, Yamada, Shibata, Kanai
Kitaura, Fujita, Fujimoto Senseis to name but a few.Happy Days!!! Cheers, Joe.
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