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Re: "British Aikido - Full Circle" by Henry Ellis

The British Aikido Tree.
It is accepted that Aikido was introduced to the United Kingdom by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei in 1955.
Abbe Sensei's first student being Ken Williams Sensei with a small group of students at the ` Hut Dojo `.
We have an ` Aikido Tree `of the first of Abbe Sensei's dan grades from that time. I think it would be great to see
the 55 year old tree showing many more branches. As Aikido progressed so quickly there were many others that were later to play a very important role in the further promotion of British Aikido as listed below.
In the Hut Dojo there was, what we called ` the old dartboard ` which had all the names of the early dan grades both Judo and Aikido at that time at the Hut, there is a photo of this board in the photo gallery on my British Aikido website at
I would like to see the British Aikido Tree expanded to accommodate many others that played their part in the early years. We have lost some of these early teachers, lets not forget them.
The following as I remember..
The Hut Dojo. The first five Aikido dan grades graded by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.
The tree is planted.
First five: Sensei's -- K Williams - D Williams - E Dollimore - H Foster - H Ellis.
Second five: Sensei's - P Dowden - L Ballard - J Caldwell - D Eastman - H McFarland
The tree grows.
Scotland.. Sensei Tom Weir.
Liverpool. Sensei Fred Wainwright - K Cottier.
Midlands Birmingham. Sensei's R Reynolds -- W Smith MBE.
Coventry. Sensei, Ken Webster
Wiltshire, Devises.. Sensei Graham Burt who later introduced Aikido to Canada
Nottingham..Sensei G Cotterell
Wales.. Sensei's Colin Pike -- Gwynne Jones.
London. The start of Tomiki Aikido with Sensei John Cornish.

Henry Ellis
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