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Keith Larman
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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

What a funny world we live in ...

I've had friends suggest marijuana for some recurring health issues I've had. Severe muscle spasms, myopathy, etc. I don't because I worry about the example I set for my child. Not because I think there is anything wrong with the drug for the purpose -- but because it is illegal (on some level at least -- I can't quite figure out California's drug laws nowadays) which creates a problem for me in terms of being consistent and setting a good example for the kid.

But that said... I have two bottles in my medicine cabinet right now. A powerful codeine tablet for when the pain is really bad. I could *easily* get to like that stuff too much. I also have Soma for the spasms at night when things go bad. That one I'm told people have trouble with -- I don't quite get that as it just puts me to sleep and I can't function any longer, but I do recognize that it is also a problem drug. Perfectly legal. Powerful. Socially "acceptable" for me to be taking.

So I have two very powerful drugs that are by all accounts more powerful and both easily abused. Condoned and appropriate. But I hesitate to use another drug that would arguably be less potent and might actually help more. That I could in theory just grow for myself in my backyard.

What a screwy world...

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