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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Eugene Leslie wrote: View Post
Mr. Gano;
You seem like a likable guy by your posts I've seen on different threads and you debate well.
I deeply appreciate hearing that, thank you! I regularly feel uncomfortable with my posts here, and for a variety of reasons, but, well, thank you again.

what I'm saying is just MY opinion but it's shared by the Law of Canada.
Fair enough.

I'm saying if one wishes to search themselves spiritually do it where it's not illegal and doesn't present influence to others.
Good point. There are ways to experience things that are probably a bit more authentic and are safer/kinder to oneself or others. Also, per my experiences: I was the rare sort who didn't make the decision to smoke lightly. It was only after some focused study that I made the decision...and interestingly enough I STILL went through a period of time where I enjoyed it more than I should have. It can be easy to get caught up in a culture, even for a guy who might have a great track record of not falling for peer pressure like I did.

In THIS country the definition of the law is "not hurting another" directly or indirectly. Not all drug dealers are cute Cheech and Chong types and most sell other, harder drugs. Cops are in the line of fire and YES I agree some people can handle THC just fine but for every 5 easy breezy potheads there are 95 drop-outs and hard drug users that inadvertantly used pot as a gateway to other crap and lost their way.

Cheers and God Bless....
Having grown up in an area that was/is rife with drugs I can appreciate where you're coming from here. Almost every user I've known (of whatever variety), started when they were in their teens or younger (with alcohol and tobacco first). That isn't good. Like William, my experiences don't quite fit your 1 in 20 remark about drop-outs, etc., but I have noticed a gradual shift in the culture. Pop culture has created a thug-life mentality even within the "soft" marijuana world.
William wrote:
Been There Done That...reality is more awesome than any experience I could try to "manufacture."
I agree whole-heartedly! In fact I was just sitting here looking at my 8-month-old and felt like I was about to burst from the immense feeling of bliss. Moments like that have clearly been the most spiritual highs I've ever experienced, hands down.

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