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C. David Henderson
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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

William Hazen wrote: View Post
If casual pot users could tag along with a kilo of dope and experience all the crap that goes on to get them their 'harmless" high they might think twice about the real meaning behind the cause and effect of "harmless".
Q: How much of this "crap" is the result of prohibition? Doesn't cause-and-effect includes more than those involved as grower-middle-man-seller-buyer-user in the black market, and also include those who declared it illegal? Which, if any, of the truly-objectionable-and-don't-tell-me-it's-none-of-my-business consequences from huffing weed DO NOT stem from prohibition?

Say'n it's wrong (as some other posters have) doesn't mean it makes sense to declare it a crime, IMHO.

But we digress; getting back to the troll-y OP that got folks all wound up:

So smoking Dope and Doing Aikido is no different to me than asking if snorting coke will make your sex life better or drinking to excess will make you a better writer.
Sums it up nicely, for me. Quite nicely.

Been There Done That... and all it took was sitting still for me to discover that reality is more awesome than any experience I could try to "manufacture."
Well, that makes one squirm...

David Henderson
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