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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

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In THIS country the definition of the law is "not hurting another" directly or indirectly. Not all drug dealers are cute Cheech and Chong types and most sell other, harder drugs. Cops are in the line of fire and YES I agree some people can handle THC just fine but for every 5 easy breezy potheads there are 95 drop-outs and hard drug users that inadvertantly used pot as a gateway to other crap and lost their way.

Cheers and God Bless....
If you were to reverse your stats it would be much closer to the truth in my experience..and to me it is an experiential kind of thing...If casual pot users could tag along with a kilo of dope and experience all the crap that goes on to get them their 'harmless" high they might think twice about the real meaning behind the cause and effect of "harmless"...

So smoking Dope and Doing Aikido is no different to me than asking if snorting coke will make your sex life better or drinking to excess will make you a better writer.

Been There Done That... and all it took was sitting still for me to discover that reality is more awesome than any experience I could try to "manufacture."

That being said (as Roshi always used to say) "being present may be the hardest practice you'll ever do in your life but it is definitely far beyond anything you could ever imagine." LOL

William Hazen
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