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Re: "British Aikido - Full Circle" by Henry Ellis

Philip Smith wrote: View Post
I'd agree with almost all of those mentioned but would include Peter Brady, Gordon Jones and myself who all began in around 1968 (Gordon in '64 I think) and were pretty active during 70's, 80's etc.

Actually darren Mike didn't start unitil late 70's (or possibly early 80's) as a student of Keith Hayward.
Hi Phil

NAF was formed in 1980 so it will have been before that - he does remember you as a schoolboy so clearly a very long time ago ;-)

I've just asked - His 'formal' aikido started maybe early, mid 70's before that he was into judo / jujitsu with some aiki a lot of the old guard.

Don't think Keith was his first aikido teacher either.

Not trying to make any false claims but he is my instructor and has made a contribution so I feel he's worthy of a mention in this thread

Best regards

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