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David Yap
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Re: Jamming a technique

Loh On Nin wrote: View Post
...You best check cos maybe your peers are akikai BEASTS putting on yoshinkan airs to disguise themselves as akikai beginers.
Happy training OSU!
Hi Loh,

Thanks for the insight of Yoshinkan practice. I have trained with many Yoshinkan with good flowing techniques. Joe Thambu shihan's waza is just as mystical as some of our Aikikai shihan. The aikido clinic conducted by Inoue hanshi and Ando shihan in PD was great and I am looking forward to the next one. During the clinic, Ando shihan emphasized that "bumping" or "jecking" should be avoided in the techniques. But Painer, who is 101% Yoshinkan and -1% aikikai, trains otherwise.

If you have attended the clinic, I am sure that you have met Painer and Painest.

BTW, the beastly techniques are not confined to Painer and Painest. They are also the hallmarks of some of my aikikai peers. Let's keep to the topic of jamming.

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