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Re: Question given to me by Senpai

Hello Alec,

The following questions might help people who have never experienced a Japanese student gasshuku to form an image of what is in store for you.

When you train with the club, is training generally a noisy affair, with everyone shouting their heads off, or do you train in silence? If the former, which I suspect is the case, why would you think they do that? In addition, does the club have regular ミーチング? If so, what is generally talked about?

Best wishes,


Alex Melillo wrote: View Post
So for the next two weeks the Aikido club I am in has asked all the students to journal every night - our health and reflection and impression of the day's lesson. Today they gave another question that I have been trying to translate and nothing quite comes out right enough to make sense to me so I am hoping someone here can translate so I am able to write this for tomorrow.

Here is the question:

[merihari wo tsuke,sei ippai gasshuku ni...]

Can anyone help?

P A Goldsbury
Kokusai Dojo,
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