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Re: Jamming a technique

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David B. - you are right, not jamming for fresh beginners. However, where/when is line to start use a brain to learn?
That's actually quite a difficult one We are cautioned to use only appropriate resistance when working with a partner, but that can be really hard to gauge...

Somebody's rank or experience is a guide, but you also have to factor in their ability, which can change day-to-day, depending upon their health, fitness, and flexibility (both physical and mental).

Some folk have very low tolerance for frustration and won't respond well to being stopped, whatever your intentions. With these folk it's better to occasionally and briefly suggest improvements as you throw them, rather than saying or doing anything while they throw you!

Some folk are ok with being led through a technique, where you indicate to them the direction they need to go to take your balance while you are uke, verbally and / or physically. I'll tap their leg once and say "move this leg to your right, off the line of my attack" for example.

There's all sorts of variations. However, if you detect that your partner is becoming confused and / or frustrated, then stop what you are doing and call sensei over, or allow them to continue without your input while keeping yourself safe as uke.

In my experience you get the best results if you always explain why the person need make an adjustment - generally the answer is "because you will take my balance and throw me easily if you move in that direction"

Liking this discussion very much

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