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Re: Escalating


What you describe is your emotional reaction to what's happening, i.e. you feel frustrated that you are not being allowed to do your technique without interruption.

If this is really a problem for you, perhaps a word with your sensei is in order. Some people are able to tolerate interruption better than others, and if it's really affecting your training then you need to say something NOW!

However, it is useful to be able to learn how to tolerate interruption, as for many of us it's a part of our everyday lives at work and with our families For example I've been interrupted several times in the course of writing this reply, but have not lost my train of thought nor become frustrated, as I know that I will finish it eventually

If you change partners frequently during class, you don't need to be exposed to the person who is winding you up for MOST of the class, so work on changing your thinking as Janet suggests - the person chattering in your ear need bother you very little in the overall scheme of things

As for escalating, decide that it is not an option for you and don't do it. Think of something else you can do instead - sing a song inside your head, think of blue skies and fluffy clouds, anything but get more physical..

Let us know how you get on,

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