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Fred Little
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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

William Hazen wrote: View Post
With all due respect Fred.

Am I to infer that one always goes with the other?

A little too much duality for me.

I know folks who love puppies and bunny rabbits who would rip your arm out of the socket, and I also know DEA agents who are very gentle souls in practice.

William Hazen
Why thank you, kind sir. Actually, I'm not real big on the dualism either, so I wouldn't recommend inferring an entire theory of operation out of a counter-example or three.

In fact, when I think over the list of "most dangerous people I've ever worked with," among the names at the top of the list are a macrobiotic vegetarian and a Quaker, neither of whom smoked weed or drank. And I've worked with at least one very nice DEA agent who I would trust on the mat without reservation.

What I take from this is the notion that substance ingestion is not the only route to a condition of intoxication and heedlessness that is dangerous to others, and I'm back to "case-by-case."


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