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Re: Jamming a technique

Hi Ahmad - it is very true.
David B. - you are right, not jamming for fresh beginners. However, where/when is line to start use a brain to learn?

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
But it's also perfectly possible to be frustrated AND not learning anything.
I disagree. You are learning all time - not necessary physical techniques, but also other very important aspects. Learning from failure is probably most important.
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Frustration doesn't AUTOMATICALLY lead to a person learning to overcome frustration and find things out for themselves.
I agree. However it teaches you many important things about yourself. When combined with dangerous martial techniques the situation becomes very tense and creates excellent opportunity to develop spiritual aspects of aikido.

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
It's the experience of _overcoming_ frustration that leads to those qualities of persistence and ingenuity - so to get the desired effect, the frustration needs to be at a level that you know the subject will overcome it.
.......hmhm....may be.....I'm not so sure. What I experienced personally, to jump from lover level to next one, you have to be helpless, banging a wall with your head with no effects(with finding solutions). Only in such situation you can destroy all the forms/concepts that you learned so far and build new QUALITY of practice from scratch. It seems to be quite periodic process...


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