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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 17

Hello Scott,

One issue for me is what sources Kenji Koike or Shishida & Nariyama actually used (I assume that Westbrook & Ratti used Koike's German article in Monumenta Nipponica). IU have seen the plan on p. 107, but there is a much better one, with smaller maps of each section, and a large pull-out drawing, in the book that Ellis cites in Chapter Two of HIPS. The translation given of the title is A Study of Education in the Aizu Domain, but the actual title is 会津藩教育考. It was published by Tokyo University in a series on Japanese history and there are two other volumes in the series relating to the Aizu domain.

All the information about Kurokochi Dengoro Kanenori can be found therein, along with detailed descriptions of what was taught, when, and by whom. I would assume that Shishida also used this is one of his sources.

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