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Re: Escalating

i would add:
depending on your dojo's orientation to talking on the mat, it may also be an option to actually put words to it as it happening, and let your partner know where your at verbally.
at my dojo it is made clear that at any point, if you feel uncomfortable with what's going on, you are encouraged to open your mouth and verbally let partner know that you want/dont want X,Y,Z. Sometimes in practicing something physical, we forget that we have verbal options for directing/steering our interactions towards safety if need be.
i suggest a "hey, okay, this is intense, let's tone it down a bit"
or even a " i didnt mean to escalate it like this, so let's scale back"

it is not being "weak" to request partner to scale back intensity; sometimes this is hard to accept.

just my 2 cents.

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