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...and sometimes these latter people, the ones that we think are way out of tune, think that we are the ones who are way out of tune...

...and sometimes they're right.

Given how easy it is for the two situations to look very similar, it's probably best to always allow for the possibility that you may be the one who is "out of tune". Even if you're sure that you're not, though, there's no sense butting heads over it. Get through it gracefully and move on.
All true points - issues arise when one (or both sides) insists that they are right and the other side is wrong - people need to realize that there are many sides to a perspective and all sides can be true based on the relative position of the viewer. Positive outcomes can be realized when different sides agree that there are different points of view and not just the right side or the wrong side - do a tenkan and view the world from your opponent's view; you may be surprised at what you see...

Sorry for the apparent babel - I just finished a six-pack hot tub misogi and the world is very clear now; at least the small part I can see at the moment...

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