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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey


This thread has digressed into pro-pot/anti-pot.

I've been there done that and there's a reason Marijuana is illegal.

I don't like to think of kids using it during their important formative teen years.

It will mess with one's cognitive functions.

Learning anything while high on THC will be marred by delusions of progress and loss of short term memory.

All you "cool running" smoker's cannot refute that.

On a tropical island eating bananas and surfing sure...why not.
An eccentric professor or dedicated artist in the shadows. o.k.

But in THIS society, with my nephews and neices and
law-enforcement officers in the trenches I don't buy your "it's o.k." and "legalize" crap.

Self-discipline is the chief element of self-esteem; and self-esteem the chief element of courage. Thucydides
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