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Cady Goldfield
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Re: "Beverly master Bernie Mulligan reaches highest rank in Aikido"

What the article doesn't say, is that Bernie Mulligan pretty much introduced judo and aikido to the North Shore region of the Boston (Mass.) area, and, if I recall correctly, provided mat space for Kanai Mitsunari at his tiny judo dojo in Swampscott, Mass. when Kanai first arrived in the U.S. to teach aikido for the Aikikai in the late 1960s. Until Kanai found space for New England Aikikai in Cambridge, he used Mulligan's dojo.

Bernie Mulligan is one of the humblest and most genuine people you'd ever have the pleasure to meet. I trained at his Salem dojo briefly in the 1990s and came away with a lasting positive impression of his demeanor and his dedication. (His cigar smoke is another matter altogether, though! )
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