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David Yap
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Re: Jamming a technique

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Thank you for answering!

Well no, I did not refer to kaeshi waza. Of course kaeshi waza can be subject of our teaching just like other techniques are.

But what I meant is, that - from a certain level on - taking over the action is a normal and expected behavior of our uke everytime we practice.
So, I am not sure but maybe, what here is called "to jam a technique" could be the expected behavior of uke in our practice.

In our practice uke - from a certain level on - is expected not to offer openings. On the contrary he is expected to protect himself and to attack with as much martial integrity the tori can handle.
What you practise is good. But such practice (involving jamming) is not acceptable in most dojo here.
I am not sure what you mean with "yin practice"? Doesn' t aikido consist of yin and yang elements?
Of course, aiki-do consists of yin and yang elements. You also consider the fact that one man's yin is another man's yang.

I understand you consider strikes not to be part of aiki or aikido? We do have a lot of strikes in our aikido. Some of us do makiwara-Training.
Personally, I do a lot of strikes in my other MA so I try not to in my aiki-do. Instead, I try to apply the mechanics of strikings in my aiki-do waza.

Happy training.

David Y
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