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Re: hakama use

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So here is a question about wearing the hakama: does it hurt anyone else in the lower back region during training? Mine constantly hits me in one area on my left side when I do ukemi and today I asked my senpai if I could just take it off and train without it. I won't be able to do that for every practice but today it felt much better without it and i was able to do ukemi without any jolting pain like I get from wearing the hakama. It's the piece in the back that drives me crazy.

What do you think? I am trying to adjust it so it doesn't hit that spot it but it still hurts.
BuJin Design sells what they call the 'aiki' hakama which does not have the hard koshita in the back. My wife had the same problem some years ago, switched, and has been very happy with her hakama ever since. Check around your dojo and see if somebody has one so you can try it out.

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