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Re: Jamming a technique

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Very interesting!
Dont't you do counters in your training so uke takes over and throws tori?
You meant kaeshi waza. Of course, we do but only from intermediate onwards otherwise we will be creating a lot of jammers who will then go around to say Aiki-do doesn't work. The purpose of kaeshi waza is show that Aiki-do does not work without the underlying principles or the technique was done half-heartedly.
We sometimes do techiques to the eyes: Hand on the chin and fingers to the eyes. It's a variation of irimi nage. Don't you practice this one?
Of course, we do. Like I said, it should be done with care. In a dojo environment, the Uke puts his trust in the Tori and offers an opening to the Tori to practise his technique. If you practise with martial integrity, you would always have one hand ready to cover your face or other openings even when you are attacking. Be realistic, not all Tori have control - they can't tell the difference between an extension and a jerk to the face; some don't even keep their nails short and clean.
We often practice with uke giving strong resistance and with uke trying to hinder the technique. We don't change the technique but try to modify it so we can do it instead.
Don't you practice this way?
We do. Like I said, Aiki-do practise is a Yin practise but there are some who do not realize that and then change it to Yang practice with a Force versus Force training.
If not: What are your ways then to learn to deal with not cooperating uke?
There are Aiki way and the martial integrity way such as strikes. I am pretty good with the latter but I am passionately pursuing the Aiki way.

Best training

David Yap

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