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Re: Jamming a technique

Very interesting!

Daniel Blanco wrote: View Post
In Aikido we learn from our partner, if your partner is not letting u perform your tech, then its bad for both of you and its bad ukemi, if u are both training on switching from one tech to the other, then uke should provide only moderate resistance so nage can feel and redirect to another tech, aikido is cooperative training so all can learn.
Dont't you do counters in your training so uke takes over and throws tori?

David Yap wrote: View Post
Another action by Nage that "irritates" and put me into a defensive mode. Irimi nage, Tori places his hand on my face with his fingers on or about my eyes. For me, this is an accident/major eye injury waiting to be happened.
We sometimes do techiques to the eyes: Hand on the chin and fingers to the eyes. It's a variation of irimi nage. Don't you practice this one?

We often practice with uke giving strong resistance and with uke trying to hinder the technique. We don't change the technique but try to modify it so we can do it instead.
Don't you practice this way?

If not: What are your ways then to learn to deal with not cooperating uke?


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