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Tohei is always quoted on things "ki", but has anyone researched what Shioda, Tomiki, Mochizuki, Shirata have said about "ki"? Might prove interesting.

And consider the Hawaii trip where Ueshiba told people to take Tohei down because he had a hangover. Tohei didn't seem to fall in line with the "spiritual-ness" that Ueshiba believed. So, how does that fall into line with some people's ideas that "ki" is some ethereal energy all around us, yada yada yada?

If Shioda, etc talked about ki and Tohei wasn't in line with Ueshiba's grand spiritual-ness, doesn't that seem to point to a fact that "ki" has a very definable quality that can be trained in the body?
would you consider it an oversimplification to define it as intent? While there may be more components to it than that, wouldn't the general concept of "extend ki" simply be extending or focusing your intent?

Coming from a ki society offshoot, we've always worked Tohei's principles and I certainly feel they inject something, from an aikido standpoint, that make a difference. Having had the opportunity to do some "other" training with a local group, I've started to look at those things somewhat differently and on a few occasions have already had some very surprising results.
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