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Re: hakama use

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
If you are interested and are allowed, then wear one. I have no interest in wearing one until I am forced. I see it as more of a burden then anything else.
I own a traditional Scottish kilt that I have worn around on cold winters here in the middle of nowhere of Hungary! LOL! [Seriously]

Thought about wearing it awhile back on St. Patricks day for fun!
[Wouldnt want to get my kilt messy, as our mats arent the cleanest.]

But I like the ideas of having a hakama for style!

- dAlen

Im weird like that though, have walked in the middle of Whole Foods stateside with a crystal on my head just for the heck of it... kind of fit in with the bohemian / Rasta who worked there. [no wonder I freak most Hungarian locals out] lol!

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