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Re: What is Ki?

sorry. just venting. try again?
...well, since were' talking about this ( ) anyway, and since everyone's getting along so well...I thought I'd post this .pdf I found on my web travels. It's sure to bring harmony to everyone's views. NOT!! Here is someone's attempt at discussing Ki (/Internal Energy) from an atypical (i.e. unabashedly Christian) viewpoint. Here<. Maybe it's interesting. (/maybe not). Was to me. Don't read it if you're easily offended. If you do, and you are, well...maybe, just take it as another of the many datapoints out there.

Something certainly interesting in any explanation of that word (Ki) is that it always tends to bleed outside of any boundaries that we want to put on it.
No matter the culture, or the seems that the 'framework' or worldview invoked to discuss ki ..... expands.. and often without bounds. Whether Eastern or 'Western'.... and I think that's cause it ('ki') touches on aspects of what life itself is.
That's what I think. You?
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