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Re: What is Ki?

i don't know. i thought this conversation was different that the other one. The other one; the fellow was really asking questions. In this case there seemed to be a bunch of assertions. I would have liked to see some actual questions/and/answers. (e.g. "go for it Joep, let's see what shakes loose"). Especially because of Vincent's tone. In addition to that Vincent definitely changed the spirit of this discussion here. Not that lbb or cdh need me to say a darn thing; but it was kind of an internet drive by. I, for one, appreciate their point of view, and call for rational thought/discussion/physiology/etc. Of course that is needed. Naysaying or saying you don't know squat because you doubt is pretty useless, in general. Everyone should doubt it. Investigate. Then decide.
Regarding the detail: It seems that people don't like discussing actual tends to actually reveal things..that are, perhaps, best kept quiet, for one reason or another. Be it dangerous info where people can hurt themselves or others; or that it betray a festering void of ignorance underneath the saccharine platitudes; or that the information is proprietary, or i don't know what..

For instance; If anyone actually understands Ki, then I would ask of them, "Why do you think such extreme behavior tends to show up when discussing Ki?". Why so many vehement arguments? Why so much bs?
One answer I came up with: "It is a jewel; and as with anything of value; it tends to bring out the best and worst". (/misdirection/etc)
Just human nature (?)
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