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Re: Jamming a technique

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hi George
Sure, there are any number of techniques like that, from any number of arts. I think all of us can draw on things we know for examples. I was never a fan of bouncing people out or allowing them to roll away anyway. While I greatly admire Ueshiba choosing to go down that road, I prefer to keep people in contact with me and controlled from various contact points offered by them or me.

My previous comments were based on current training and the path that certain people are now undertaking to develop real aiki and be able to use it. IOW, for the aiki based crowd who are genuinely interested in an Aiki approach that "actually" works across the full spectrum of combatives from aikido to Daito ryu to judo to MMA.

In order to make that work, people need to effect change with every point of contact; be it fients, jabs, grabs, or throws. The real key is people simply cannot do it well without a conditioned aiki body behind it, but having a conditioned body is only the beginning, there are "ways" to use that body with developed internal skills- that are not waza related, rather they are an adaptive fluid approach to all combatives. IME, developed internal power and the knowledge of how to actually use it are most certainly NOT all the same.

P.S.Hey did you get my two text messages in reply to your email? I was doing a seminar in Florida and didn't have email access.
Yes I did get the messages... it took me a few moments to realize who was writing as it only showed your number not a name. But when you said you were in Florida I knew it was you since I had been at Josh's just the weekend before. Anyway, thanks so much. I am looking forward to getting together at some point soon.

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