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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Vincent Nikopol wrote: View Post
If you see what I mean, you are getting a lot of emotional reaction to your question. While I agree that Cannabis should not be abused, it should not be lumped together with manufactured narcotics or even prescription pharmaceuticals.
If you grew up the way I did, then perhaps you would have an emotional response as well. I also never said that it should be lumped in with other drugs. I simply stated that I have no desire to try any drugs (other then properly prescribed and administered pharmaceuticals).

I won't go as far as to say that there are not medicinal uses for any of these drugs, because there are. People smoke marijuana for various reasons (and living in Oregon and working with police I can state first hand that this medicinal marijuana growers issue causes a whole lot of problems), cocaine is used for nasal surgeries, etc.

I didn't say what any of you should do. I'm simply stating that you will not catch me near that stuff.

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