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While I was typing a reply, I realized I was posting in the way Oisin Bourke called me out on previously. So I'm just going to stop here instead of asking question after question while you most likely won't write down detailed descriptions of how you think those exercises should be done - because that's how this game usually plays out. (And if you don't think it would have: you don't need my questions to post more information, so feel free to do so.)
Thats fine Joep but I think Mr. Bourke's comments were more along the lines that if you have something to offer, state it. Otherwise continuing to ask questions and then shoot down every response is perceived as a game. Example: a calculous teacher continues to ask grammar school kids questions the teachers already knows they can't answer adequately. What gets accomplished? After a while even pre-teens would get that they were being played with and talked down to.
In either case someone continually asking questions they already have the answers to is perceived as arrogant, and self-involved.
To say it another more direct way, Mr. Bourke is probably saying people should step in and help or shut up.
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