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Johann Baptista
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Re: Words like God and Ki

Michael Fitzgerald wrote: View Post
ok, I AM definitely being a bit of a stirrer here- but I am not malicious.

If this is true, then does this limitation indicate that Ki is not universal?
that it cannot be ignited by a cognitive or intellectual trigger?
Certainly not! In fact, it is a part of our logical mind that guides us to seek the spiritual, otherwise, we would never have begun any kind of search. It is the same part, I believe, that tells you that there is more to life than the physical. But there is no way you can expect to gain firsthand knowledge of Ki, by imagining it while reading a book. A conscious attempt must be made to feel it and mindfully practice with it. Its like reading about an orange, as opposed to tasting it. Just my thoughts. I don't claim to understand Ki or anything.

- Johann
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