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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Dirk Desmet wrote: View Post
Here in Belgium, it's allowed to use marihuana at home or to possess it in small quantities.
We are not allowed to deal in marihuana.
No one has problems with black market here or other issues of big criminality, etc...

In our neighbourcountry Netherlands, they sell marihuana legally in the local coffeeshops where you can use it in public too. There's not really a big problem with it.
Thats the way it should be here...In our state of California we get to vote in November to legalize it.

Back to the topic it I don't care what one does responsibly off the tatami it's really none of my business... but my point is there is no such thing as harming only yourself...Drug Use is one thing Drug Abuse another... harming yourself also hurts everyone in your life.. those who love you...your friends...The folks who share the road with you when you're high...Your workplace...Your Sempai and Kohei's ect.ect.

William Hazen
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