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Re: What is Ki?

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Ignoring it, you replied

No, I took you to task for taking the indefensible position that any way you talk about it is as valid as another -- you never really addressed that.

Now you have your own definition -- guess that means its not a runner's high, eh? Guess that means not all views are equally valid -- if they were, your definition would be meaningless. That's just logic, friend.

You insist on pushing a physical phenomenon into the realm of poetry, some mystic paradox,.
You are, I believe contradicting yourself reather badly -- if its a physical phenomenon in the sense that science addresses, there are right answes and wrong answers. Telling someone with a different hypothesis that you believe NOT to be true that you won't say "no" to their view is, in reality, withholding what you believe to be true. Why?

If it's something that "has to be learned through experience" that might make sense; if its a simple physical phenomenon your response is just misleading someone about something that can be concretely named and described. Why be coy?

By the way, I think "ki" is a concept in a participatory language -- martial arts training -- and doesn't point to one thing like "enhanced neuromuscular response." So, as to your proffered cup, no thanks.

Why this resistance?
Why not? Does that make me "histrionic" in your view too?

Am I to conclude that this is a passion with us, to complicate simple matters and refuse to agree, or even listen?
Project Much? How's that working out for you?

Fact is, I've listened to alot of hypotheses about "ki" over the years; I listened to your's too, but simply am not convinced.

With all respect to the posters, and hope that you find something meaningful in Aikido, I am probably not wrong in concluding that there are thought issues that make dialogue impossible. Some find it mean to name it; the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.
Project Much?

I have emotions too; I want to rise above my own impatience. But if I give you a cup of water, and you spill it out on the ground, don't ask me for another. Sadly I am just the fool to give it to you.

If you want to share, I would respectfully suggest you start by avoiding meaningless platitudes to people looking for answers and snarky gratuitous comments and judgments about others who try honestly to address their questions.

Peace and so long, dude.

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