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Rolf Granlund
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Re: D-Day of Sorts

Well, what can I say other than I passed!! I had talked to one of the black belts a couple of weeks ago regarding the format of the test and what shape it might take. Of course, my instructor saw fit to pretty much completely change what I had been told. Ah well.

The two spots that gave me the most trouble were kick defenses and the randori (4 person). I didn't really work on kick defenses and randori always gives me fits. But hey, I'm ready to learn now that I have my shodan.

I was blessed in that there were about seven people there at the dojo (spectators) to lend moral support. The best was my old kenpo instructor whom I still train with on occassion. I about cried when I saw him walk in the door.

There was one funny part with my randori. Towards the end as I was pretty much gassed and I had about three of the uke attached to my back in some way. They all whispered "Bow,bow!!" Which I did and mangaged to throw the lot. The cool thing was that the other black belts helped me through it. And now I have that responsibility to help my juniors. The tradition continues.

I do have one question......when do I get my special shodan powers?

With Respect,
Rolf Granlund
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