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Re: What is Ki?


I gave you my definition of ki, posts #66, because you seemed to ask in what sense I felt I understood ki.

I put it in bold type.

Ignoring it, you replied with :

something identifiable
a fuzzy phenomenon
any fuzzy shape
pointing at the moon
an ineffable experience
communication is pointless
impediments on the journey.
some approximations.

You insist on pushing a physical phenomenon into the realm of poetry, some mystic paradox,.

Why this resistance?

Am I to conclude that this is a passion with us, to complicate simple matters and refuse to agree, or even listen?

With all respect to the posters, and hope that you find something meaningful in Aikido, I am probably not wrong in concluding that there are thought issues that make dialogue impossible. Some find it mean to name it; the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

I have emotions too; I want to rise above my own impatience. But if I give you a cup of water, and you spill it out on the ground, don't ask me for another. Sadly I am just the fool to give it to you.


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