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Re: What is Ki?

Hi David,

I don't think "ki" as a concept can be explained as a "runner' high." I know what that feels like intimately. I know I've felt that during practice. And I know that experience isn't what people generally refer to when talking about how words like "ki," "Kokyu," and "jin," relate to the martial arts.
But let me ask how do you know that experience people generally refer to? I am not challenging you. I don't want you to try to answer that. You would have to infer it from personal experience.

Now, if you know what "ki" is, and you disagree, tell me why.
I only disagree with telling people who are starting to see the light in their own way, "that's not ki". Sort of like Aiki is not stopping someone's strength, but leading in the right direction...

explain to me in what sense you believe you understand the concept of "ki" better than I.
I shouldn't have implied that I understand the concept better than you, or anyone. I have no knowledge of your knowledge.

But I believe that ki is an enhancement of neuromuscular response and mental perception which can be induced through breathing and movement, essentially what Yoga and Pranayama have been teaching for 3000 years.

And that this physical sensation can be experienced through Aikido training, so no-one has to take it on faith at all.

Is this a satisfactory definition for textbook purposes, or is it not?

I believe that it is. And so I enjoy Aikido with no doubts.
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