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Re: What is Ki?

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Well, don't you do a lot of breathing exercises before class?
Focusing energy in your palms? These are the ki building kokyu exercises, most dojos do them.

Then you do tenkanhou. and (morotedori) kokyuhou.

"Breath throw" at the moment of the throw, arms out palms up, breath in this position, and you will start to feel lots of nice tingly ki in the palms of your hands.

Next, tegatana which focuses that ki forward.

Didn't they teach you this?

Then shower, eat, sleep. Repeat.
While I was typing a reply, I realized I was posting in the way Oisin Bourke called me out on previously. So I'm just going to stop here instead of asking question after question while you most likely won't write down detailed descriptions of how you think those exercises should be done - because that's how this game usually plays out. (And if you don't think it would have: you don't need my questions to post more information, so feel free to do so.)
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