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Rolf Granlund
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D-Day of Sorts

In approximately 5 hours I will be testing for my shodan. I figured that spending some time reading over previous posts about testing would help some. And I think it has, but there is still something gnawing at me.

I've been training in various systems for the past twenty years, bouncing from school to school, never sticking around long enough to reach shodan. I feel like I am ready but part of me is wishing I had more time. But what more time do I need? Never really thought I could make it to this level but here I stand on the edge of something new.

On the one hand, it's just another day, another test. But on the other hand to me it's the culmination of over twenty years of stop and go training, proof that I can stick with something. I feel that I'm about to step through the door of a new world so to speak.

There really is no advice that I am looking for. The best I've read so far is to "enjoy the test" and that is what I intend to do. Just trying to deal with the nervousness before the exam is the hard part.

I will post later today or tomorrow the results of the test. Oh... I did want to thank Karen Wolek for her many postings about her journey. It really helped me through some tough times in my training. I hope to meet you some day.

With Respect,
Rolf Granlund
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