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Re: What is Ki?

Yes, I carefully read what Mary was talking about. Trouble is, she is talking about talking and not about ki.

She says: "I already explained why. Was my explanation unclear, or are you saying that I shouldn't care about such things? Hey, some people care about what "ki" is, and that's apparently okay, so why wouldn't it be okay for me to care about the dangers of charlatanry when discussing matters that many people are willing to simply take on faith?" "

But I never said "take it on faith"
I said practice to gain direct knowledge.

That is exactly the opposite of Charlatanism.

"Some people care about ki".

Well, I care about ki. That's why I look for it through Aikido, not talk, and suggest she also try to find it through training.

I know it sounds harsh, but all of the babbling Aikidoka who insist on extending a debate about words, and words of languages they are not intimate with, sort of sours the beauty of Aikido.

I have lived in Japan for over two decades, have taken 100 percent of my Aikido training in Japanese and teach it to Japanese from the ages of 4 to 74, so what do I know, right?

The quickest ... no, the ONLY way to understand ki is to experience it. Because it IS an experience.

"Why is there still a discussion here?"

Because we Westerners don't seem to know how to quiet our minds and our mouths.

The original poster actually asked what exercises he could do to develop ki. He shames us all because that is the real question, he wants to experience ki. I suggest we end the ridiculous bickering and provide him exercises, which believe it or not, are really far more substantial than words.

If we can't demonstrate a little AIki in the forums....
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