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Re: What is Ki?

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If one isn't experiencing ki, no definitions can help, because it is an awareness, an experience... It simply isn't a thing but a perception, a sensation.
You need to carefully read what Mary is saying, because that's exactly what's wrong with your "definition".

IMO, ki is none of the above. In contextual Chinese usage a "thing" either has qi (Jap. ki) or it doesn't.The thing is, we all have ki. If you don't have ki, you're dead - figuratively and literally.

long enough that you start feeling, "aha" ... start feeling the power in movement, start feeling rather than thinking about it... at this point ki exists. "Who feels it knows it," and if you don't feel it it simply does not exist.
Certainly, it has to be felt (IHTBF), but your explanation here clearly demonstrates that you have no real idea what "it" is.

When you feel it you will know it and know that the quickest way to understand it is to continue Aikido until you feel it.
Uh.. no. If it were the case, why would there still be a debate/discussion here?

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